3-fun de wakaru! Hey! Say! JUMP~

Yabu was a guest on Chikarauta again this week. Last week he talked about his concern of debut and his presence in JUMP (i prefer to address Hey! Say! JUMP as JUMP instead of HSJ), and this week he introduced JUMP with "Understand in 3 minutes! Hey! Say! JUMP"


"Next year is Hey! Say! JUMP's 10th anniversary since debut. (Last year) we're given chance to be on 24 Hour TV and slowly getting more recognized but aren't there people who still don't know us?
3-fun de wakaru! Hey! Say! JUMP
JUMP has an onee member? Daiki"s butt is beautiful?Collapse )

This is the first time i post some kind of translation. I hope i don't mistranslate anything ;; I learn japanese gradually because of watching too much variety, and now have just started learning properly from grammar, writing kanji, etc ;;

I wonder why Yabu didn't include introducing himself here (or is his part is deleted?).. And what's with that Daiki's butt?! XD


I created this livejournal in 2008 and had posted 300+ posts in this journal, but now i have deleted everything and want to restart to be active writing on livejournal again. Reasons why i deleted them all is because:
1) It's so messy lol the tags, the posts, everything is a mess,
2) And because it's a mess, it's so embarrassing to anyone to read them,
3) Also often i post something that is too personal and... like reason number 2 says: it's so embarrassing to anyone to read them ;;;

I actually wanted to delete this account because deleting each posts manually is so tiring (Dear Livejournal staffs, maybe you should consider the option to delete multiple posts at once), but because of hundreds communities i have joined, i decided to take the tiring road. Applying for multiple comms (moderated and close comms especially) is more tiring ;;;

All the previous posts have been stored on my harddisk using ljArchive for my personal pleasure :) If any of you plan to back up your LJ, i recommend you to use ljArchive. Very easy to use and it backs up everything including the comments too!

Anyway, hopefully i will start livening up this LJ again even though every one has moved on from LJ. It's really quiet compare to how it used to be...

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