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28 December 2012 @ 01:16 am

If you're a Johnnys Fan like me, you're gonna love this performance. By the name Johnnys Fan, it means that you actually know and quietly follow some other group besides your ichiban and know old famous songs that usually sung in Shounen Club :D Not all of Johnnys groups come here (or else it's gonna be an early Johnnys Countdown), there are SMAP, Yamashita Tomohisa, Hey! Say! JUMP, Kis-My-Ft2, and Sexy Zone. In total, 27 Jyanizu.

The songs they brought are: Shake, Kamenbutokai, Dakishimete Tonight, Paradise, TIME ZONE, Bull Dog, Nai Nai 16, Garasu no Shounen, Seishun Amigo, Gingiragin ni Sarigenaku.

Many collaboration in this medley. SMAP x Kisumai makes me think 'hi Iijima group :')))' when singing Shake. Dakishimete Tonight sung by A.N.JELL featuring Yamapi... which actually i would love to see KojiHaru jumps into the stage and singing together. JUMP Band minus Inoo, aka it's-not-JUMP Band-but-Johnnys World Band-i-heard, with KimuTaku and Inagaki-san on vocals performing TIME ZONE. Keito got some spotlight by doing solo guitar here, cool. Eventhough i've been wondering why he likes living under his dad's shadow.

The highlight of this medley was Nai Nai 16, which is sung by Shingo, Kusanagi-san, and Nakai with BEST+Yuto as backdancers. They fooled around. Also finally i can understand why Nakai is awarded as Johnnys-idol-who-should-not-be-allowed-to-sing. Nakai was showing his tone deaf ability XD But this performance was so hilariously funny to watch, maybe because Nai Nai 16 is my favorite Johnnys old song too. Haha.

This was a great performance, the audience were having fun, the other guests are flailing together (AKB was having so much fun here, Mariko-sama's expression is totally like in fangirling mode <3), and most important is the video is still up there in YT. Japan, dont be that strict 'kay? :)
21 November 2012 @ 10:42 pm
This is kind of old news but Yamada Ryosuke has given the chance to debut as a solo singer and given chance to release single next January. The single is titled Mystery Virgin, and it's gonna be his drama's theme song. The song itself has been performed by him during Johnnys World (and i believe a fancam or fanaudio of it has spreaded on net)

I am confused at how Johnnys manage Hey! Say! JUMP. Everything always looks unclear.
First off, Yamada already be the center guy in JUMP, why is he now given chance to be solo? It's ridiculous. He is the image of JUMP and he is a solo also. Something is odd.
Second, it is around the time where it is perfect for promoting Hey! Say! JUMP, but why instead of giving JUMP more exposure, it is only given to a member?
Third, Yamada isn't the only JUMP member who stars in Kindaichi, Daiki is in it too. It would make sense if Yamada and Daiki sing as a duo.

Seriously, it's already been 5 year but the management of JUMP is still awful in distributing job.

and this probably because i don't update myself about Johnnys as much as i used to, but there's so little transparancy and many odd thing in Johnnys management
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23 August 2012 @ 09:21 pm
15 minutes Shokura special tribute to YabuHika. (Kind of) hosted by ABC-Z, some VTR of Yabu and Hikaru when they were young till who they are now. Not the greatest quality, but here it is

i probably gonna delete this post oneday so grab this if you want. also i forgot where i got this. Sorry ._.Collapse )
14 August 2012 @ 12:20 am
say hello to new crush

Yes, it is Sakurai Sho. (Sexy pose he did after failed on VS Arashi's Cliff Limb eps 89)
But my new crush not only him, it's VS Arashi! I know it's late (As Johnnys fan) to follow VSA, but i've been following Arashi ni Shiyagare and occasionally Himitsu no Arashi-chan. Not to mention, i tend to watch dramas with Arashi's member in it. I thought it was enough to follow VSA.
But then i met Fatina, she went crazy about Arashi (and Samurai Blue. Say hi to Uchida's fan :DD), she influenced me lol

If this arashi-fever keep going, i might end up watching their old variety sho also ._. yabai yo yabai yo~
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20 July 2012 @ 08:37 am
I came across this article which triggers my curiosity. It is about Yabu (bias is bias :p) and around at the end of the article there is 'yabuhika' written in hiragana. I tried to read it via google translate and..... it is confusing. huft. lol
Luckyly yesterday i met portgas_182 (yayy marching and johnnys buddy \m/) and asked her to give rough translations what is it about.

I didn't write it down, but i'm trying to remember what she said

Relax, Yabu won"t get any love-scandal in the next 3 years (#foreveralone)Collapse )
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08 July 2012 @ 01:54 am
Here is J-variety show that i have watched. This post is made in purpose so i will not download the same thing twice :P Purposely, the list is arranged by the artists that guested or hosted in the show


Hey! Say! JUMP


KinKi Kids



Johnnys Jr

----list is coming soon----
08 July 2012 @ 01:44 am
List of J-dramas (series and movies) i have watched
* -- haven't finished yet
(mov) -- movie
(dor) -- dorama

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07 July 2012 @ 03:53 am
It's been a long time since my last post here haha I've been spending my rants on twitter or through tumblr, and abandon this LJ. I've thought to leave posting on LJ and use it just to keep in track with many comms, but leaving it empty and abandoned...... seems just not right. So i'm thinking to use this back as 'fandom-rants' place and yeap, no more RL rants here or any randomness with no connection to any fandom.

First off, i'm gonna lock all my RL-related post :P

So, jya! :3
23 March 2012 @ 11:26 pm
sometimes your mood just goes down suddenly

sometimes listening to good music while walking home can cure the emptiness, but there would be times when it can not

sometimes you want to stay strong, but

sometimes you need to cry out the feelings.

sometimes you can blabber anything even to strangers, but

there'll be an occasion that it is not right.

sometimes you don't like the way yourself is different,
and although no one says it you know they (ever) talk about you behind your back.

That's okay, everyone does.

But it sucks to think about it, to think about why they can't be honest, or won't tell it in your face.

Sometimes you have no one to rant out,

and the only way to heal your feelings is by praying;

But for sure you know that you'll cry out your heart, and

you hate being weak;

Even to God.

And then you come to realize that so much thing happens and you have changed a lot

you hate it, but you still let it be.

Sometimes speaking out your thoughts, problems, and feelings will make you feel better;

i do hope so


taken by me using ule's camera :)
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02 January 2012 @ 10:05 pm
So, welcome 2012! It's kinda late, but Happy New Year everyone! Happy New Year dear lj friends buddies :) 2011 was an (another?) up downs year, may things happen that surprised me, beyond my expectation, but there are also many below my expectation. Maa, past is history. May on this new year we can be a better person, more reliable, and may we engrave may exciting memories, chyeaa \m/

So, JUMP winter concert started today. And.......... its been just the second day of 2012, but JUMP makes fans hearts jump XD As i predicted when Ryuu got suspended, i bet that this year they gonna have an Asian Tour because Yuto, Chinen, and Yamada would already graduated. I was surprised to know that what i predicted comes true XD

Their Asian Tour will be held from March - June. Unexpectedly, they start off from Hongkong (24-25 March), and then Taiwan (28-29 April), then they head back to Japan (will be on Yokohama Arena i heard. 1-7 May), then to Thailand (26-27 May), and at last, they will end the tour in Korea (23-24 June). (source: @tv_pia, @dokkero, and other twitter accounts).
Seems like they dont wanna lose from Kisumai whomm just officially debutted |D It kinda surprised me that Singapore isn't in their list. Seems like SG isn't relevant yet in Johnny's eyes? fffuh~

Also, also, also! Yabu announced a big news! *drum rolls* He wrote and sent an essay (thousand words worth) to Waseda University and got accepted! Which means he is a university student now 8DDDD LOL After almost 4 years graduated from high school, he finnally got into university and be a student again. I kinda wonder why he wants to go back to study

- he already graduated from high school since 2008
- JUMP is busy. They have Asia Tour this year. Also, JUMP gonna release a new single in February. Which mean they'll be busy promoting it. They also have Yan Yan JUMP, that lately has been hosted by YabuHika only (yayy, happy biased fan is happy :3)
- And the most intriguing is his major! He studies Human Science (//Department of Human Informatics and Cognitive Sciences). I know right, what's with that sounds-so-cool major?! Never cross my mind, even if Yabu got into university, he'll study science. I mean, what's deshou! He only talks about soccer, food, friends, sometimes wise words. what's with science! And i'm curious with what he wrote in his essay (according to @dokkero Yabu wrote 6-7 thousand words essay to (kind of) pass the test(?)). Thousands words of science. Sounds so nerd but cool.

Human science (also, humanistic social science, moral science and human sciences) refers to the investigation of human life and activities via a phenomenological methodology that acknowledges the validity of both sensory and psychological experience. It includes but is not necessarily limited to humanistic modes of inquiry within fields of the social sciences and humanities, including history, sociology, anthropology, and economics. Its use of an empirical methodology that encompasses psychological experience contrasts to the purely positivistic approach typical of the natural sciences which exclude all methods not based solely on sensory observations. Thus the term is often used to distinguish not only the content of a field of study from those of the natural sciences, but also its methodology.
-- wikipedia

Okay, his major sounds so complicated yet fun. Simply, he studies about human. What human was, is, will. Hmm? WHAT ARE YOU YABU?! If on magazine interview Inoo is nobeled to be the most mysterious member, i think Yabu also. Or is it because Inoo becomes Yabu's best buddy which make Inoo's virus influences to him.......... i talk non sense X'D

Anyway, JUMP got their 2nd university student (What's up with Keito's entrance exams? he failed? :o), and it is Yabu Kota, which is JUMP's leader. And the fact he actually is in the age of graduating from university than entering is so awesome. Whatever the reason it is, i think he'll put his best on it. And if it makes him appear less in TV (actually do not want this to happen but if he's too busy, instead of gaining weight, he'll become more skinny XD), i don't mind :D I do hope maybe someday, like Shige, he will release a book. If Shige writes novels, Yabu should release a thesis book XDD The first Johnnys to release book lol He might want to ask Koichi for some advice since Koichi is Johnnys' 1st science freak :3 Or maybe also Tego, since Tego is studying Human Science (but hasnt graduated yet lol he's busy concert-ing and take care of his girlfriend? :3).

Wait, what's with Yabu and Tego relationship? First, it was BEST wo Abake, and now they're studying the same thing 8D