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3-fun de wakaru! Hey! Say! JUMP~

Yabu was a guest on Chikarauta again this week. Last week he talked about his concern of debut and his presence in JUMP (i prefer to address Hey! Say! JUMP as JUMP instead of HSJ), and this week he introduced JUMP with "Understand in 3 minutes! Hey! Say! JUMP"


"Next year is Hey! Say! JUMP's 10th anniversary since debut. (Last year) we're given chance to be on 24 Hour TV and slowly getting more recognized but aren't there people who still don't know us?
3-fun de wakaru! Hey! Say! JUMP

Aren't there people who still don't know Hey! Say! JUMP members' name and their character? Here i am Yabu Kota as representative will introduce the members' character.

Yamada Ryosuke
> Hey! Say! JUMP's center
> His recent concern is he's really into games, he's close to Ninomiya-kun

Chinen Yuri
> Hey! Say! JUMP's youngest
> His face/appearance since debut never change
> Even up until now, when we hang out together, i still worry when we're separated /said bye-bye

Nakajima Yuto
> Hobby: camera
> Height is tall, good in acting

Okamoto Keito
> Ex-Otokogumi Okamoto Kenichi's son
> Fluent in English
> Never get angry, his heart is very kind

Inoo Kei
> ima kitemasu (idk how to translate this, but i think it means that "now his time has come". He's been on many shows now (yayy))

Takaki Yuya
> Looks wild in appearance
> But his reaction is like onee (t/n: onee = okama = effeminate man). He often covers his mouth when saying "Ah"

Yaotome Hikaru
> Artistic person
> Can play bass, good at drawing
> But has no sense in fashion

Arioka Daiki
> His butt's shape is really beautiful
> Actually everyday he puts butt body cream


This is the first time i post some kind of translation. I hope i don't mistranslate anything ;; I learn japanese gradually because of watching too much variety, and now have just started learning properly from grammar, writing kanji, etc ;;

I wonder why Yabu didn't include introducing himself here (or is his part is deleted?).. And what's with that Daiki's butt?! XD
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