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When i watched Arashi ni Shiyagare where Haru first came and introduce herself (they hadn't met before, the first meeting between actors would be held later after Shiyagare's recording) on Ohno's corner, I felt "Ah, Haru somehow resembles Nino". I think i commented on certain LJ post but i forgot.
Then this morning i read someone's tweet mentioning that there'll be kiss scene between Haru and Ohno. I was thinking "Wow, isn't she way much younger than Ohno?" because i remember in Shabekuri 007 she said she's 24 years old. Then i googled her bio and just found out.... She has the exact birthdate with Nino! June 17th!


Part of me is being delusional and been saying, "She's compatible with Ohno!" because 1) Ohno is so compatible with Nino  2) I kinda remember Ohno-Nino said both of them probably won't get married unless they meet someone who fit themselves like Ohno-Nino 3) Haru is tall, japanese-like beauty, indoor-type...... Isn't Ohno always interested in tall woman? :P

But there's 11 years gap, Ohno is ~*superstar*~ in his supposed-to-be-married age while Haru is rising actress who's very ambitious (i think. because on S007 she said she actually was offered a role in Amachan as sister/friend, but she rejected it because she believed if one plays as heroine's close acquintance, she can't get the heroine role on next drama).
Well well well, i need to stop being delusional
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