satsukisora (satsukisora) wrote,

Hey! Say! JUMP trending worldwide

I was surprised when i check twitter that JUMP is trending worldwide. I thought, '2016 is such a year, what's happening again' ... i clicked on the TT and saw japanese tweets. I didn't understand what was happening until i saw @skysj4 tweeted:

So the current Japan emperor wants to step down which it will mark the Heisei era and because Hey! Say! JUMP name comes from the word 'Heisei', they started talk about them?

Idk if it's a joke or what but somehow some people were tweeting like "If Hey! Say! JUMP is changing their name, what about 20th Century (V6)", "Even if KinKi Kids are not kids anymore, they don't change their name", or even like "Eventhough heisei era is ending, Hey! Say! JUMP will last long"
So funny XD

Talk about coincidence, today was the released of Masquerade PV Short version too

Thanks for the publicity, i hope JUMP gets more recognized more as a whole group. Yes, the whole group are close and silly and dumb when together :')

Up until i write this LJ, they're still on TT XD

Tags: hey! say! jump
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