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24/7 Fangirl

Hello, my name is satsukisora. My journal contains my fangirling stuffs. I created this journal in 2008 and until 2016 i have posted 300+ posts but due to personal reason, i decided to delete everything.

I like to make new friends, so feel free to add me as friend and comment on my posts :)


I follow J-pop and K-pop.
For J-Pop, mainly i talk about Johnnys, esp Arashi because they are the most active groups within the agency. I used to root for Hey! Say! JUMP (my bias is/was Yabu) but because their current group concept is so into cute stuff, i kinda refrain myself from them lol
For K-pop, i'm currently into JYP's new groups: GOT7, DAY6, TWICE. But i listen to other artists too, i usualy check @instiz_ichart to check the latest songs to listen to.

I like to watch drama, but not a drama addict. I used to like watching romance drama, with extra cheese in it, but now i probably try to watch them if the casts are extra amazing, or extra good-looking. I'm weak against good looking people :"D